What is psychosynthesis?

Every person is unique and is born with a purpose, essentially for love. That is my deeply held belief and the belief of the psychosynthesis approach to therapy. As we grow, we adapt to our environment and the natural meaning that we are born with becomes blocked and hidden. As a result we often find ourselves in our adult life searching for meaning and purpose, or addicted to certain behaviours and ways of being.

The psychosynthesis approach believes that every created thing is in the process of synthesis, so that fragments are continuously in the process of coming together to form a whole, for instance cells in an organism, and musical tones to form a melody. It believes that we have everything we need to find the wholeness we are searching, but our diverse elements are often in conflict with each other, creating disharmony and imbalance.

Psychosynthesis believes that our total self carries our experience, and therefore is also our resource. It helps our mind communicate our understanding, but also helps us become aware of how our physical body holds our experience. It also helps us identify our spiritual self, where this manifests itself in our individual life, and gives us a greater source of life and connection.

How does it work?

Psychosynthesis counselling uses a variety of approaches to help unblock and release our natural resources:

  • talking and sharing our story
  • being listened to deeply in order to be heard and seen
  • using creative resources, such as drawing
  • visualisation and imaginative exercises
  • body awareness and movement to help release energies